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Overtopia+Overtopia B&W

1qvpx1hw88pj.jpgYear: 2017
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: SilverGogs
Platform: PC/Windows
Version: v. + v. 0.11
Language: English/Russian
System requirements: Win7; 2.0; 4Gb; 512Mb; 600 МB


You are caught in the river and you realize that you do not remember anything. The only way to survive is to build up strength.
Clickable RPG, Increase the army, interbreed monsters, learn magic, develop skills.
The boss becomes easier with each new meeting, but also gives less money.

Additional Information:

Attention! Do not use old saving, otherwise bugs are inevitable. Start a new game!
Button "Esc" can cause bugs (pause is not completed). Better not use it.

Average: 2.5 (6 votes)

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